• A Manual On Writing A Dissertation Literature Review

    In any field of research, literature review is a requirement. This is a detailed account of what has been done so far in that field of research. Through extensive research, the researchers are able to categorically state what are their findings about what has been done so far in the field the intend to base their research on. One also gives the successes and the failures of the researches done in those particular fields. This is very important to the research because they equip him/her with more knowledge about that filed of research. It also gives the researcher the confidence to carry out his/her research.

    To come up with a superb dissertation literature review, below is a manual that will guide you;

    Understand the topic of your research

    It is very important that you have an in-depth comprehension of you research topic so that you are very sure of what you are supposed to do in literature review. Have the topic and the thesis of your research because these are the major determinants of your literature review.

    Identify the literature to review

    Before writing your literature review, it is important that you take some quite time to find out what kind of literature you are supposed to review. This means you have to look for valid sources of data. This could include reports, dissertations and thesis that have been done by other researchers in that particular field of research. The internet is also an important source in looking for this kind of data. Make good use of it.

    Analyze and organize the literature

    After you have identified the kind data you are supposed to deliberate on, sit down and organize it. Of course you are not supposed to write everything you have found out. Therefore, you need to go through your findings very carefully and paying attention to most important information. Only pick that data which is valid and in line with the objectives of your research.

    Summarize the literature by the help of subtopics

    Note taking is very important when organizing your findings. This can be done in a better way by the help of subtitles or subtopics. You can decide to report your literature review following the following format;

    • Type of study design used

    • Method of sample size selection

    • Methods of data collection

    • Methods of data analysis

    • Methods of data presentation

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