• Getting Reliable and Efficient Help with Writing a Dissertation

    A dissertation is the most complicated type of academic assignment, and it is only natural that most students need some degree of help with it.

    The first person to whom you should turn for help with your dissertation to is your advisor; he or she has a personal interest in your success. Your advisor can answer most questions about how to write your dissertation, how to format it, what to begin with, and so on. Try to get your advisor to look at the parts of your dissertation as you complete them. He or she can tell whether you are moving in the right direction and provide feedback on how to improve.

    If you failed to get help from your advisor, then it may be a good idea to look for dissertation assistance online. There are companies that provide guidance on the dissertation writing process, and those that are ready to complete your paper for you. Some of them also offer editing, proofreading, and formatting services.

    You can easily Google lots of websites that promise help with your dissertation. The problem is how to choose a reliable one. Use the checklist below to determine whether a company is trustworthy:

    • It gives full information about its services on its website.
    • It has a privacy policy and will not sell or hand over your personal information to any third parties without your consent.
    • It only writes papers from scratch. It doesn’t sell pre-made dissertations. Such works are often of low quality; sometimes, they are also plagiarized. A writing service that has a database of ready papers for sale is not a reliable helper.
    • It allows you to choose an expert to work with. The information about each member’s experience and academic background is available on the website. The writers have necessary qualifications to conduct academic research and produce these kinds of papers.
    • It offers either free revisions of your paper, as many as you need, or a money-back guarantee.
    • It provides a free anti-plagiarism report.
    • There are multiple favorable reviews made by its clients.

    If you are still in doubt, choose a service specialized in writing dissertations rather than a general academic assignment helper. Although the second may also have writers who can produce an excellent work, those in specialized companies usually have more expertise.

    Pay attention to a writer’s portfolio; if he or she has completed a dissertation in the same field as yours, it is a huge plus. Check the samples of his or her writing if available – it will give you the idea of the proficiency and style.