• Where to Find Good Samples of Literature Reviews for Dissertations


    To begin, a Literature Review is an important piece of work. If the topic isn’t well known then the review is deemed as instructional. If the topic is well known, then the purpose is to demonstrate your knowledge upon the subject in such a way that the audience will perceive you as being familiar with the subject. A dissertation is just another name for Thesis. The definition of dissertation is: a document that is submitted in support of a candidature for an academic degree or profession.


    Where to Find Samples

    There are many places or people that you could go to in order to find samples of other dissertations that you can review. This would be a smart thing to do if you needed some fresh ideas on what to write for yours. To start with your search of samples, ask some of your friends. This is the easiest and quickest beginning option. This way you can also sit down and discuss with them your possible ideas for your dissertation. Below is a list of other alternatives to finding your samples. 

    • Ask your school for old copies of dissertations
    • Ask your closest library
    • Browse dissertations online
    • Look up specific dissertations online
    • Ask to look at your professors old dissertation 

    Where to Find Reviews of Dissertations 

    Once you have researched the old dissertations, maybe you should also look up reviews for the topics that are top on your list. That way you can decide which topic you really want your dissertation to be about. If you really find an old dissertation you like, try writing it from a different perspective. The best place to find reviews of dissertations will be to look online since that is where everything is these days. Another place that is not so often mentioned or gone through would be to go ask one of your professors their opinion on the subject.  Below is a small list of other places that will have literary reviews of dissertations.

    • Colleges
    • Libraries

    After you have all of the necessary tools to write your dissertation, the next best thing would be to research your topic thoroughly until you are familiar enough with it to begin your dissertation. The body of your work will be extremely important in explaining your research on the subject as well as your personal knowledge of the subject. Happy writing!