• Hiring Professional Dissertation Writers: How Not to Be Scammed

    Dissertation preparation is an important step in a career of every professional. Many people find out that they cannot complete the work by themselves and start thinking about hiring a professional writer. This often involves numerous risks and no one wants to be scammed. Follow the simple guidelines below and get your high quality dissertation in time:

    • Choose stability and reliability
    • It is better to find an author who works both online and in the office. It is helpful to know that they can meet your in person if needed. Check how long they have been providing dissertation writing services. Make sure the writer has a significant experience in composing dissertations, not term papers or student essays.

    • Check if they maintain confidentiality
    • Dissertation writing should involve personal work. If you ask for some help, it should not become public, so check the comments about the author and the agency.

    • Do not agree to get a pre-written paper
    • Every research must be original work. Dissertations are often checked with special anti-plagiarism software, so you cannot reproduce the structure or separate chapters of a canned paper. Besides, it is impossible to write a proper literature review without specifying your research topic. The price for a solid research is rather high comparing to a pre-written dissertation, but it is worth it.

    • Learn a source using policy
    • A reliable writer will prepare copies of the sources used to prepare your dissertation, therefore you can check if they were actually used and cited.

    • Look at an amount of services
    • To prepare a dissertation an author in fact provides a wide range of different services, including writing a proposal, composing a literature review, mastering a dissertation’s structure, editing chapters, making figures and tables, proofread and more. Get to know the writer and ask for samples of different types of work, make sure you are satisfied with the quality.

    • Study a price policy
    • A high-quality dissertation paper cannot have a low price tag. It takes hours of work to complete a research and do all the required formatting. You can hardly find a university graduate writer who agrees to work for nothing. Sometimes writing companies hire authors from abroad with non-verified diplomas, so they can dump prices. Therefore, be careful and do not buy at a bargain.

      A professional is likely to ask you to leave a deposit on the dissertation and gives you a part of the completed paper before you pay the whole price. Learn if you have to pay any extra fees in case you want to make changes in the completed work.

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