• Advice on Academic Writing: How to Create a dissertation literature review

    When a student is assigned a dissertation literature review, they need to be able to create one that will be impressive and will be A worthy.  First a student needs to know what a dissertation literature review is.   A dissertation literature review is a way for a student to show their professor or teacher that they have read the literature and have an understanding of it.  In order to create a dissertation literature review the student has to complete the following steps.

    Steps To Create A Dissertation Literature Review

    • For a student to create a great dissertation literature review they will first need to start the review with an introductory paragraph.  This paragraph will inform the reader what you the review is about, and what the piece of literature is.
    • Student need to compare and contrast the authors views on the issue in the literature. The literature assigned will most likely have viewpoint on issues, and it’s the student job to understand what the views of the author are.  
    • The student should compare the view of the author to other authors who write on the same subject.  Explain what they have in common and what they have difference of opinion on.
    • The student needs to explore the methodology of the author.  Critique and complement what is done bad and good. Really look at the methodology of the the literature and flush out the purpose.
    • The student also needs to then show how this study and literature relates to other things that the student has studied in relation to the subject. They need to show that they understand how the literature applies to their studies, this is a very good way to show their level of understanding to the teacher or professor.
    • The student needs to show the gaps in the literature, what the author does not cover.  This is a way of critiquing the author about their lack of information.  This shows the professor that they understand that the literature does not completely or adequately express the material.
    • The student will then need to conclude the review by showing the reader that you understand the literature by completing a summary of the piece.

    Having completed creating a dissertation literature review the student is able to show their teacher or professor that they have understood the literature that they’ve been assigned.  Having this completed the way listed, student can be assured that their review is top notch and will really impress the teacher or professor.  Using these steps can give a student an A worthy review.