• Nursing Dissertation Topics: Face New Challenges

    If you are looking for nursing dissertation topics, you are likely facing new challenges. You are trying to compete in a field that is full of nurses brought from around the world. The U.S. faced a shortage of qualified nurses many years ago and in an attempt to rectify this, provided visas to qualified nurses from East Asia. This was meant as a temporary solution, especially in states like California, but it has lead to a more permanent issue. Once given a visa, there was nothing to stop the influx of nurses from renewing each year. That made it hard for new American graduates to find work in the field.

    This issue has of course grown and now effects dissertations. If you are writing a dissertation in the field of nursing, there is more and more pressure on you to prove yourself to your board. The dissertation is where the board can weed out those that truly will make an impact in the field and those who might not. So what topics are out there that might spur interest? What can you research that will help improve or add to the field of nursing?

    Topic #1: Incontinence

    Now, the idea of peeing your pants after you laugh excessively or sneeze too hard is embarrassing, but what causes it? What are the psychological effects caused by diseases whose symptoms can be seen publically? What solutions are out there for this psychological distress? There are many places you can find research material for this cause and effect topic. You can start with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. You can look at the American Urogynecologic Society, the American Urological Association, the Simon Foundation for Continence, or the National Association for Continence.

    Topic #2:

    On the note of psychological distress, you might consider the burden that a mastectomy places not just on women who suffer from breast cancer, but on their families. Most people limit their concern to the one in twenty five women who die from breast cancer, and in spite of all the breast cancer awareness rallies and runs that are held, it is still a difficult disease. Women who previously endured a battle with breast cancer were faced with one choice: have the cancer removed alongside the breast. This left them burdened with feeling unnatural or not like a woman. It also placed a burden on their families.

    But today there are new developments for women who need a mastectomy and can help them preserve their natural look after this operation, preserving the function of the lymph nodes, and avoiding the dreaded lymph edema. You can research the National Cancer Institute or the work being by at UAMS by Dr. Suzanne Klimberg.