• Creating A PhD Paper Conclusion In MLA Format

     You have spent months maybe even years putting together you Ph.D. dissertation and now that you have reached the end of the paper, you don’t know how to end it.  The ending of any paper can be difficult but with the right advice you can make you conclusion just as good as the rest of your paper.

    General MLA Formatt

    • Once you have opened your Word document, you need to change some setting, change the font to Times New Roman 12pt, margins to one inch on all sides, and make sure the entire document is double-spaced.
    • Put a header in the right-hand corner of the document that has your last name and the page number on it.
    • Your name, instructors name, class, and date go flush left on the first page of your document.
    • Center the title under the date and then you can compose the rest of your paper.
    • Don’t forget to include your "in text" citations and references in the end.
    • Remember long quotes should always indent on each line without quotation marks.
    • The conclusion is set up with the title “conclusion” flush left, and you don’t indent this paragraph as well.

    How To Write Your Conclusiont

    These are some general tips on how to compose you Ph.D. conclusion.  Remember this is the final chapter of your Ph.D. paper, and you want it to be as great as the rest of the paper.

    • You can start by giving recognition to the contributions that helped you fund your research.  This probably sounds  funny way to start your conclusion, but this final chapter is one that not only summarizes your paper, but also gives thanks.
    • Give a summary of all the chapters in your paper, since it was so long, you want to get your point fresh in their minds again.
    • You don’t have to use all the points that you made in the paper, just pick the main points or the points that have the most impact on your research.
    • Make sure to include a section that reflects on your research and what you did during it.  Reflecting on what you have learned is a great part of your conclusion.
    • Even though you have finished with this paper, that doesn’t mean that this is the end of your research.  Tell them about the future work that you may or not do to further you study on the subject that your Ph.D. paper is on.