• Recommendations On Making References In An APA Doctoral Dissertation

    Writing a doctoral dissertation is one of the most critical and complicated tasks students attempt during their academic careers. This is critical because their doctorate degree depends upon this paper. If the official committee members reject the assignment due to wring formatting, invalid data or obsolete ideas or any other reason, the student will be in trouble. He or she will have to start from scratch and ask for an extension from the university and the dissertation committee members.

    To make sure you write a great paper, it is important to pay extra attention to the requirements by your professor and the university. If the teacher requires you to write a paper following the APA style, then there is no reason you should ignore it. If your paper does not follow the right format from start until the end, you may lose your grade or even fail in the paper

    APA style stands for the American Psychological Association and is a standard for formatting papers in psychology and other general sciences. Writing a reference in this style requires you to follow a certain rules and regulations. It is very vital to add the references for all the sources because otherwise your paper will be considered plagiarized.

    The style for the reference section depends upon the format of the paper and whether the paper is published or not.

    If the paper is published on the internet, then you need to add the web address of this paper and mention that the paper is retrieved from this source followed by the URL.

    If the paper is published in paper then you will find it in the database. You need to give the reference of the database and the id of the paper by the end of the source in brackets.

    If the paper is unpublished then you need to follow the same structure but mention in parenthesis that the paper is not published and include its title in the italics.

    For in text citations

    You will find all these guideline for citations and referencing on the official site of American Psychological Association. This explains that in APA the in text citations include the last name of the author and year in which it was published. If you are citing a dissertation in your paper, you need to follow this rule and format. For example, look at the following.

    According to Jane (2009).

    You can also write the entire citation at the end of the borrowed sentence in a parenthesis like.

    (Jane, 2009).