• Interior Design Thesis Topics: Choosing a Good One

    Choosing a thesis topic in interior design has a lot in common with choosing a thesis topic in any other field. In order for your thesis topic to be considered a good one, it must be original, creative, and practical. It does little good to come up with an idea that is so off the wall that it is likely impossible to implement.

    In some disciplines the hardest part for a student is coming up with an idea. If you have chosen interior design as your career path creativity should come to you naturally; however, if you are more of a visual person than verbal, it may help to sketch or diagram out your ideas on paper before trying to put them into words.

    Once you have come up with an idea, you need to evaluate it to see whether or not it will benefit you in the long run. When choosing a thesis topic in interior design you must keep your focus on your intended career. Most interior designers will essentially work as freelancers and thus building a solid reputation is essential. To start off your career on the right foot you have to choose a good thesis topic for your interior design program. You want to be sure that any job you do for a client produces only one response – the client raving about how wonderful you are.

    The following are some questions that you should ask yourself about your interior design thesis topic for your research or project:

    •      Will it bring more beauty into people’s lives?
    •      Will it produce something functional?
    •      Will it help people to live healthier lives?
    •      Will it help people to save money?
    •      Will it help people to be more comfortable? ·
    •     Will the beauty that this brings into people’s lives be easily maintained?
    •       Is this cost effective?

    Keep thinking of potential thesis topics and applying these questions and any other questions that you can think of that will help to generate an idea that will be truly useful to potential clients. Rate each of your ideas. After you have rated 5 or 6 ideas, pick the best one. You can either pick the best one based on your scoring system, or you can pick the best idea based on your gut feeling about which one is the best. Just remember to balance creativity with practicality and you will have an excellent interior design thesis topic. 

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