• Where to Find a Solid Dissertation Acknowledgments Example

    There are many sections in a dissertation, each of which require as much time, attention, and effort as the last. These range from title pages and introductions to footnotes and acknowledgments. There are plenty of help articles available to give students aid with writing introductions and title pages. There are also plenty that talk about choosing a topic and going through the writing process. However, there are very few on writing the acknowledgments page which is every once as important as any other section or aspect. Listed here are tips for finding dissertation acknowledgments examples and how to use them.

    The Acknowledgments Page

    When considering the acknowledgments page, the first place to start is determining what type of acknowledgments that you want to present; the traditional business-like thank-you’s or personalized thank-you’s. There is no right or wrong answer to which of these to choose, it is simply a personal preference. As far as what a professor, school, university will prefer, well, again it is a personal preference so they will have a preference. However, this is one part of the dissertation that you are writing solely for yourself. The second thing to consider is, whom are you going to thank? This is by far the most important part of the acknowledgments page. Some suggestions are:

    • Teachers that helped you achieve your goals
    • Family members that supported you
    • Friends that helped you and supported you
    • Your dissertation advisor
    • All staff members that helped you
    • Librarians that put up with you
    • Any other advisors

    Where to Find Examples

    There a couple ways to go about finding good examples of dissertations acknowledgment pages. The first of these being online. To do this, pull up a search engine and type in “dissertation acknowledgment examples” this will pull up an array sites that offer examples; however, be cautious to find reliable sources. It is also possible to request samples from the schools databases.

    Remember that examples are just that, examples. It is important to make them your own just as with the rest of the dissertation. Uniqueness is valued by most when it comes to dissertations; do not be afraid to personalize, especially within the confines of the acknowledgments page. Always thank those that are most important to the journey you have taken to reach this point.

    Any teachers, professors, deans, counselors, advisors, family, friends, and anyone else. Thank them in the way you see fit, just remember to keep it clean and family friendly.