• A manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertations: references

    Writing for school usually involves more than just essays. When you have a term paper, thesis or dissertation to do, you can get overwhelmed with doing research and having to organize all your references. If you aren’t organized, it makes things even more difficult. You don’t want to be spending time looking for something you misplaced. When writing this kind of assignment, there are a few things you can do to keep focused and make things easier.

    Later in this article, we’ll talk about writing tips and how you can use them. As long as you have some steps to follow, you can get this done easily. Dissertations and theses are harder to do than term papers, but all three have similar writing processes and research to do. If you successfully do this for a term paper, then you can use the same techniques to do a dissertation or thesis in the future, and vice versa.

    Tips on Writing out Thesis, Dissertation and Term Paper References

    Doing research is probably the easy part, while organizing and documenting the research isn’t. Once you’ve finished your research, here are a few ways you can stay organized:

    • For digital files, have them all in the same folder on your computer
    • For books, sort by author name, subject, relevancy or length
    • For journal and magazine articles, sort by author name, subject, relevancy or length
    • If you’ve had the chance to interview someone in the industry related to your topic, then keep that original research separately

    Even once all your research is organized, you’ll have to appropriate write out the bibliography for your term paper, thesis or dissertation once you’ve used each one as a source in your work. Follow the guidelines from your teacher for this. If your professor hasn’t provided you with any instructions as far as references go, then you should default to the method you’ve used for other papers. When you’re writing a dissertation or thesis, make sure you check what format you need for sources because it may differ from school to school.

    Writing term papers or dissertations isn’t that hard when you have your research and references in order. That’s really the bulk of the work right there – all the research. After that, you just have to connect the ideas with your own findings and opinions. Your research will back up what you wanted to say.