• Dissertation Topics In Psychology Better To Be Found In Libraries

    When you are writing a dissertation in psychology you have many choices at your disposal based on the subject you are studying.

    If for example you have an emphasis in clinical or social psychology or life span development you can write on topics such as:

    • Gender-emotion methods of non-verbal communication
    • Risk factors and different prevention methods for depression
    • Gender differences in emotional functioning and development compared to the differences in social development
    • The ability of children to decipher emotions in music
    • Cultural differences found in emotions
    • The first impressions made by moving faces
    • How to use virtual reality to study facial stereotypes

    Libraries are an invaluable and often underappreciated resource for students studying any field. When you start researching materials for your dissertation the library is the first place you should begin. Why?

    1. First of all a library is free. Many professional and peer reviewed journals charge quite a bit of money per article. So if you are writing a dissertation you will need around 30 resources minimum and paying an average of forty dollars per article will quickly add up. But your school library will have a handful of these items free of charge either available online or in house. And if they do not have a particular paper in house they will have it through an inter-library lending program so you can get it from a nearby library with bigger or more varied resources.
    2. Libraries have a slew of previously published dissertations organized by topic so you can really get a feel for what students have published previously. You can expose yourself to some of the work done in your field and get a better idea of what will be expected by you.
    3. Your libraries also have a slew of books and other materials which can be accessed with help from the library staff. Universities are quite good at this and have multiple staff members who are well acquainted with the particular system used for searching databases and files.
    4. You can turn to your library for rented study spaces. Whether you need a computer to work or you want a large table in a silent room or even a room with a video projector on which to watch old films you can find it at your library. This makes for an invaluable resource especially when you become too comfortable with your home or office work space and are in need of a chance of environment.