• APA Guidelines For Writing A Dissertation Proposal

    A proposal for a dissertation in APA style will introduce the issue, problems, reason, and significance of the study, which led to the dissertation. APA is a style, which lends itself to the sciences and math fields. There are several important parts, which have specific directions.

    • Statement of the Problem-this section answers the question as to why this study or exploration is needed. What will this particular piece answer that has not been answered before within this subject or field?
    • Purpose of the Study-what is the purpose of this piece? In other words, what will be accomplished and why is this important?
    • Hypothesis or question of research-the hypothesis will predict a relationship between the study variables and the research questions will inquire as to what relationships exist between the multiple components in the study.
    • Definition of Terminology-any jargon or words exclusive to the paper need to be defined in this section of your proposal.
    • Methodology-your methods of conducing research are outlined in this part of the piece.
    • Research Design-mention the plan for interviews, experiments, surveys, first hand observations, primary and secondary sources, and such.
    • Sampling, Instrumentation, and Data Gathering and Procedures for Analysis-go more in-depth in this part with specific names and places for the gathering process.

    Note that your school may have variations or additions to these standards. There will be, unlike MLA, a title page. Also this entire proposal should not be longer than forty typed and double-spaced pages in length. It is recommended you use a plain font such as Times New Roman and you will double-space your lines throughout the paper. You will have a title page, your margins will be one inch, and your tabs will be five to seven spaces. The title page will have the title, author, school name, and author’s note neatly centered in the middle of a 8.5” by 11 “ paper.

    Carefully follow all rules. Use the sheet as a reference to your success. You have to be perfect. You cannot begin the dissertation until the idea is approved. Your proposal needs to include all of these parts and to be written lawlessly and with great clarity. The committee must understand what you wish to prove and how you wish to prove it. There is no margin for error, or you will be denied and have to begin again. You are convincing a board to give you permission to forge ahead with this proposal paper.