• Basic guidelines for everybody on how to write successful dissertations

    If you are struggling to write a successful dissertation then consider following these basic guidelines. These guidelines are meant for everybody who is about to tackle the mountain that is the dissertation.

  • Prepare yourself mentally
  • The dissertation is quite a challenge and for many students it can be difficult to fathom finishing an assignment that big or that important. The most important thing you can do in terms of preparation is to prepare yourself mentally. Remind yourself that this will not be a quick project. You need to accept that it will take time. No draft you produce the first time will be even close to perfect no matter how talented a writer or researcher you are. You need to accept that it will take a long time and a lot of patience but it can be done.

  • You need to set milestones and get organized
  • The only way you will be able to complete a project of this magnitude is to tackle it a little at a time. This means you write every day. It does not matter if you do not produce an entire first draft in one day. You need to set aside a small amount of time every day on which to write and research. Doing this regularly will help you make significant progress right before your eyes. You also need to keep your research and writing organized. Create a template right at the start so that you can insert the relevant sections once your draft is complete. This will help you later on when time is pressuring you and you might be so stressed that creating a template that adheres to your guidelines might fall through the cracks. Start a separate word document for the draft of each section of your paper. Never delete your thoughts as you go through the drafts. As you revise and remove sections put them in a recycle page that you save just in case you need it.

  • Start anywhere
  • Literally. You just need to start. Start working in the middle of the methodology or the literature review. Start at any point that is most comfortable to you. The most difficult part of any action is making the first step. You can think about doing it all you want but actually taking the first step is a huge milestone. So take it.