• A List Of The Most Intriguing Thesis Topics To Explore

    As a graduate student or a prospective doctorate candidate one of the most important aspect in the pursuit of your degree would, naturally and obviously, be your thesis. Your thesis will be the tool via which you can profess to the academic community any ideas, opinions, insights, reviews and concepts that might have traversed your mind.

    Naturally, for such a critical and crucial piece of formal literature one would have to bare in mind the proper adherence to the requirements of such academic writing. The first step, in this journey is, nevertheless, choosing an interesting and important topic that shall be further developed in the due course of time.

    Here, you will find some good and interesting titles for your dissertation which you could either use as they are provided, or change them and develop them further as it may be desired by you.

    Family, Gender Related Issues

    • The role of women in modern industrial world
    • The role of men in modern fashion world
    • The intersection of gender roles in modern families
    • The male dominance in the culinary business
    • The female dominance in executive assistance domain
    • The equality of the two genders in modern global politics
    • A comparative analysis of the chronological changes in gender roles
    • An investigative analyses of female Greek goddesses


    • War, and its influence on the contemporary music industry
    • The influence of war on the art of its time
    • The story of soldiers in The Great War
    • The implication of supply and demand concept as a reason for the outbreak of wars
    • War and Peace: The role of literature as a consequence of war
    • The morality of wars
    • The war on terror

    Social Movements

    • An argumentative analyses to investigate the true significance of occupy wall street
    • The Hong Kong conundrum
    • The feminist movement
    • The feminist movement: As a consequence of the second world war
    • The impact of Martin Luther King Jr. on the religious music scene


    • The American civil war from the perspective of a confederate soldier
    • The American civil war from the perspective of a slave
    • When homosexuals were called ‘eligible bachelors who are friends and live together”
    • The need to learn historical facts
    • The invention of the typewriter, keyboard and the it had influence on the world