• Tips and Tricks Helping You with Your Dissertation Proposal Writing

    Obtaining a Master’s or even a PhD degree always involves preparing a dissertation proposal. It may seem complicated at first sight, but taking into consideration the following tips and tricks, you will write a proposal fast and avoiding the most common mistakes.

    At the beginning make sure that you know and understand all the requirements which can slightly differ. However, in general every proposal includes discussion about the topic, the theoretical approaches you intend to use, the methodology of research, and the expected results.

    Now let’s look through the tips which can guide you:

    • Create a list of ideas.
    • Brainstorming works really well here. You just have to write down everything you can come up with. Don’t be too precise! The main point is to understand your interests and goals and start narrowing the topic. For example, you are majoring in Geography and want to conduct your research in Environmental Management. Do you plan to study a particular environmental management system of a company or find out the most appropriate practices for a whole industry? Maybe, you are more interested in dealing with economic externalities? So, figure out the general idea and start thinking about your unique topic.

    • Visit you supervisor.
    • Now you have your list of ideas, questions and doubts. It is time to ask an experienced professor about the topic and your research goals. Students often do not have enough experience to evaluate their ideas properly. That is why they need an advice to make certain that their proposal is worthwhile. Besides, the professor can enrich your proposal with arguments and help to prepare a working plan.

    • Study the background.
    • You are not the first person interested in, let us say, Environmental Impact Assessment. Many scientists have studied the related issues for decades. Now take the books and scientific articles. Do you still like the topic? It is better to double check and then prepare new arguments to make your proposal more feasible.

    • Write a proposal down.
    • This is easier said than done, but writing it step by step is not too difficult.

      1. Start with making a catchy title.
      2. Then determine a research goal and objectives.
      3. Prepare a short literature review and mention the main ideas you plan to work with.
      4. Briefly describe the research methods.
      5. State the expected results.
    • Visit your supervisor again.
    • When you have a proposal draft, it is a good idea to look over it with your supervisor. Do not forget to write down all the comments you come up with.

    Then your dissertation proposal needs some final touches. Think a little bit about the ideas, professor’s advice and complete your proposal.