• Topic And Thesis Academic Writing Tutorial

    There are a number of issues which you can study in an academic writing tutorial when choosing the topic and the content of a thesis. Anyone involved in dissertation writing will know that this is a major undertaking. If you think of it as like going on a long journey or undertaking a major task, preparation is the key. The more and better quality the preparation you carry out, the greater your chances of success. And success can have degrees as well. So clearly understand that the quality of your preparation is directly related to the quality of the success of your thesis.

    The topic is everything

    Even when writing a simple five paragraph essay you will be advised that choice of topic is directly related to the ease of writing and the likely outcome of your work. You must pay enough attention to the choice of topic. And when you consider that the thesis is such a long and detailed document, you can make your life far easier by choosing well.

    The usual guidelines are strongly recommended. Choose a topic about which you are passionate or have an abiding interest. Choose a topic which is easy to research and has an abundance of a relevant resource material. Choose a topic which your supervisor strongly recommends and supports. Choose a topic which will help your future career.

    The actual writing of your thesis

    Once again you can refer back to the early days of your education and the writing of very basic and simple essays. The principles which apply in that case equally apply when writing a thesis. The major difference of course is that a simple essay can be produced in a few hours whereas the dissertation may take a few months or, would you believe, even years?

    Having a timetable is essential. Here you draw up a list of goals or milestones you need to achieve. Then you place each of these milestones on a calendar. This is when you need to reach this particular goal. By having this calendar in front of you, easily accessible, you are able to keep track of your journey. You avoid suddenly being placed in a situation where you have to rush like crazy to get something done.

    Getting feedback for anything and everything you do with your dissertation is vital. Obviously your supervisor will be the key adviser in the situation. But other people can be genuinely beneficial. They need to know a little bit about the topic and certainly they need to know a little of what you're trying to achieve in writing your dissertation.

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