• Secrets of a successful dissertation defense - how to make a top-notch presentation


    When you are making a dissertation defense you need to make a top notch presentation. This is done with a great deal of patience and practice.

    When you are writing a thesis you need to know that it is a massive project that will take quite a bit of time. There are similarities and differences between different thesis requirements for different schools but no matter the requirements you will often feel as though you are running a race and always running out of time. You may be working on the same topic for years and as a result it will seem exhausting and at times tedious. Remember though that if you pace yourself and take regular steps you can get it done in no time.

    Note that almost every university has a writing center which offers courses and writing skills tips for students of all grades. You can take some extra writing courses here or online and use them to improve your writing. Reading over previously submitted dissertations and essays can also help you improve your writing.

    If you still need help try reading over academic articles will help you to embrace the academic writing styles out there until it becomes effortless for you.

    Writing tips

    1. Try and get feedback regularly. If you can arrange a meeting with your advisor each time to complete a draft it will be very helpful. Use the feedback you receive to convert your draft into something better.
    2. Remember that when you first start writing you should write for yourself. There will be plenty of time to revise later when you consider your audience. At first consider just yourself. This process is an outward one not an inward one.
    3. Note that it is perfectly acceptable--and perhaps even preferable--to write things out of order. You should not make the mistake of writing your paper only in the order in which it must be submitted. This will stifle your progress. Your ideas may spring up like the wind and then disappear. You might have a random idea for the methods section while writing the introduction. Don’t worry about it. Take advantage of it. Stop what you are doing and head to the methods section. You won’t be the first student who changes the introduction and conclusion at the very end and finishes the paper with the abstract writing.