• How to Start Writing a Doctoral Thesis: Preparing Yourself

    Individuals in the United States who wish to get their doctoral degrees are requires writing a paper called a dissertation. In other parts of the world a dissertation is also known as a “thesis”. A dissertation or a thesis is a stand-alone piece of individual research that demonstrates the student’s ability to contribute to their academic community. For many students getting started writing their doctoral thesis brings on a fair share of stress and frustration.

    In order to avoid any unneeded anxiety for your doctoral thesis writing, we have included a few pointers for preparing yourself for such an important writing project.

    • Think of your doctoral thesis as a rite of passage. Every doctor before you has been expected to complete this project. Remember, you will get through it.
    • Keep in mind that by time you are expected to complete your doctoral thesis you will have written MANY academic papers. Just try to think of your thesis as an extension of all the work that you have already completed.
    • When considering what you would like to write your doctoral thesis on do not just make the decision on a whim. Consider a few different possibilities and make sure that you choose a topic that you don’t mind working on for an extended period of time.
    • A doctoral thesis typically includes a presentation to your faculty. One of the main purposes of writing a thesis is to learn how to present your research to others. For this reason you also want to prepare yourself to speak publically about your project.
    • Before you actually begin writing you must also present a doctoral thesis proposal to be approved. Do not get too hung up on this. Once you have decided what you are going to write your paper on, carefully prepare your dissertation s that it is approved.
    • Last but not least before you can write a doctoral thesis you need to get your head in the game! Relax, and eliminate any distractions. Be realistic about the fact that you may not have much extra-curricular time for a while. If you are married or in a serious relationship make sure that your spouse understands the major commitment that you are taking on, and that they are prepared to support you.
    • Rally for support! Make sure that your friends; family and peers are aware that you are going to be writing your doctoral thesis. Surround yourself with people who will inspire and encourage you to get it done!
    • Once you have mentally prepared yourself for success it is time to begin writing your big doctoral thesis! Good luck.