• What Is The Key To Finding Good Leadership Dissertation Topics?

    Keep in mind that your Dissertation should illustrate your knowledge of your specialized field of study at the highest level. So there is a lot of pressure and anxiety attached to any decision you make regarding your work.

    If your Dissertation is going to focus on Leadership, you need to look for a topic that has sound value to enable it to be added to the thousands of other articles that are added each year to an expanding wealth of knowledge.

    Your work may not provide a major breakthrough, but it will provide a building block, on which other knowledge can be based, and researched. When deciding on your Leadership topic you may decide that it will be based on:

    • an observed behavior that illustrates a concept
    • a replication of a previous study using different conditions or variable
    • quantitative studies
    • qualitative studies

    Important Keys

    1. Don’t make the topic so wide-ranging and extensive that you find it difficult to manage. If the topic is too general you will end up like a juggler and it will be difficult to keep all the juggling balls in the air, as the balls or subtopics will keep getting muddled and will fall to the ground.
    2. Don’t make the topic too restricted. If you make the topic too limited, it will be of limited interest to others and your contribution to your field will be limited.
    3. You are going to have to live with your topic for a long time, so make sure that you are going to be able to endure that interest. In other words make sure that you are genuinely interested in it, and that you are not doing it because you think that it sounds an easy option that will get you the most attention for your work.
    4. Make sure that the topic you choose is challenging and will make an impact, but not so challenging that it will cause you sleepless nights.
    5. The topic you choose must be one in which you can show that you have gained mastery through your own study. Your work needs to validate and contribute to professional development.
    6. Don’t choose a subject that is interconnected or has any association with any sensitive problems in your personal life, as you will cease to be objective. It is usually very apparent when reading students work that has been inspired by personal circumstances.
    7. Remember this is an academic piece of work that is probably one of the most important documents you will produce.
    8. Remember that you only have limited resources t complete your dissertation. The most important rescore you have is your time.