• Selecting Marketing Dissertation Topics

    Anyone about to undertake writing a dissertation will know how important that piece of work will be. Not only can it be used as an additional qualification which in turn can open new doors of employment with better pay and conditions, you can stamp your authority on the business world as an expert in a particular subject. And as we're talking about marketing here, this is an opportunity for you to market yourself.

    So how do you go about selecting the right marketing dissertation topic? Will the usual proven steps apply to marketing as they do to dissertations on any other topic? These are the basics you must consider.

    • Has the topic already been done to death?
    • Is it able to say something which is new and original?
    • Do you have a passion or interest in this particular topic?
    • Will you be able to use the content of your dissertation to promote your own career?

    You might think that you have found a cracking marketing dissertation topic but if this topic has been written about many times before, you're making a rod for your own back. The first thing people will do is make a comparison of your dissertation with the many others which are available. If you want to stand out from the crowd then choosing a topic which has not received much if any publicity could be the way to go. An alternative to this situation is that you use a popular marketing topic but find a new angle or new approach to that topic.

    One of the things which will mark your dissertation as superior is if you introduce a new idea or say something which is original. This is easier said than done. But think carefully about what you could contribute in this field. One of the best ways to get an idea of what is required here is to read other marketing dissertations and see what they have done in the way of being original or saying something new.

    There will be a topic or even topics which have been your passion or interest for a number of years. If you can create a dissertation topic based on your hobbies or interests, you stand a better chance of creating something which is really worthwhile.

    And remember that your dissertation can be your business card. You can promote your own career through the use and distribution of your marketing dissertation.

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