• How To Compose A Winning Graduation Thesis

     Writing a graduation thesis is very hard work and you will be remembered for this work long after you have graduated from the program.  Many see this as a stressful act but it doesn’t have to be as long as you know how to compose a graduation thesis properly. 

    Composing A Winning Graduation Thesis

     Identify the benefit of your dissertation, this is not only a requirement to graduate but it is should be on a subject that has to do with the career you want to pursue after graduation. 

     When you are trying to figure out the benefit of your dissertation, there are some things that you have to look at that will be in your dissertation.  You have to defines problems, think about your hypotheses and questions, review literature, apply methods, collect data, analyze evidence, discuss your findings, produce results, and write critically.

       Your dissertation should be original and significant to your field of study.  A dissertation is a study on a subject that hasn’t been explored before so it has to be significant to your field of study and has to be original work that hasn’t been done before.

     When you are planning and writing your dissertation, there are some things you need to ask yourself as you go, is it original and significant?  Does your dissertation have a strong understanding of preexisting literature and does is challenge or advance your research?  Is your dissertation well planned and does it use multiplied reliable sources? Is your dissertation clear, well written, and organized? 

     Make sure that your dissertation is a well-written high quality piece of work.  This means that some dissertations do get published, which means that yours should be good enough to be published. 

    Tips To Achieve Excellence

    •  Don’t throw away all your hard work by plagiarizing your work or misusing data. 
    •  Develop your writing skills so they are at a professional level.  You could have the best ideas and findings for your dissertation but if it is poorly written, it will be all lost.  Demonstrating a high level of writing in college will also help later in your career as well.
    •  If you aren’t that great at writing then do something about it.  Do exercises online, buy books, take a class, do whatever you can to improve your writing skills.
    •  Don’t be afraid to talk to your advisors and peers about your work.  They are there to help you, don’t push them away.
    •  After you have completed your work, give yourself applauds.  You did a lot of work and you should be proud of yourself.